Step 2: Identify Your Learning Style

We are all unique in every way. We know that, of course! But when it comes to learning, the fact of our differences is often being overlooked. Somehow it is considered perfectly normal for us all to learn from the same book, in the same way, and we are expected to get the same result. No wonder that some of us could miserably fail or get bored to death while others complete exact same task easily, successfully, and without a hitch. We have no idea why this happens. We just accept the reality believing that our fortunate fellow students are simply smarter or more talented then us. Could this be true? Of course not! Why?

The answer is actually quite simple – Everyone Has a Different Learning Style. That’s right, we all learn better through different means. This means that if you understand your own learning style and know the best methods and techniques to help you learn through that style – you can learn ANYTHING. In other words, understanding your learning style is crucial for your overall learning success.

Most experts agree that there are three basic learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Each individual may possess a single style or a combination of different learning styles.

Visual Learning Style

Visual Learning Style

Visual Learners learn best through what they are able to read or see with their own eyes. They love to use pictures, diagrams, maps, and graphs in their learning process. Visual Learners have tendency to describe everything they see in terms of appearances.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory Learners are very good listeners. They can easily remember things that they hear. They prefer using books on tapes, listening to oral presentations, learning through sounds, music, discussions, etc.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic Learners learn best through moving, acting out, and touching. They prefer to be hands on and do things in order to learn about them.
It is important to keep in mind that you as individual are a unique learner. Take the Free Learning Styles Quiz below to identify your own unique learning style. You will get your answer instantly! Once you know your learning style, you can use learning methods and strategies that work best with your strengths. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish while actually enjoying the learning process!

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